Day 110 & 111

What a great weekend this has been:

  1. A lovely parkrun occasion yesterday with Grace and Kate running their 50th and 100th parkrun respectively (Grace getting a PB and Kate only 15 seconds off her own)
  2. Anna took well over a minute off last week’s run – she’ll be doing a sub 34 minutes soon, no sweat – well maybe a little.
  3. A really nice run Sunday morning. Karen organised a TRex run to wish me well for my marathon. Cool eh? And Emma made cake!

Screenshot 2019-03-31 at 20.04.12


4. And best of all – Anna surprised me with the news she’ll be going up to Manchester on Sunday to shout me across the line! I’m a very happy dad!

Could the weekend get any better? Oh yes, Line of Duty tonight at 9.00! Just praying that  Hastings doesn’t turn out to be ‘H’.


2 thoughts on “Day 110 & 111

  1. Lovely news all round! I love that picture of the running group and I’m glad you found Club and so many lovely people to run and train with. I’ll be tracking you in Manchester for sure and lovely you will have family there. Keep up the rest and sleep this week and try not to get toooooo nervous, as you have completely got this!


    1. Thanks Liz. The group were fantastic. So supportive, as many, many other club members, notably yourself have been. Strangely, I’ve not been feeling too nervous. The week approaching my first half was awful but I seem to be a lot more philosophical this time round!

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