Day 113: Tuesday club run

I was planning to run this Thursday and so just regarded tonight as one more run before the marathon. But a few people were surprised to see me there this evening and I decided to listen to their advice. It’s rest, stretching, sleep and no more runs – though I might slip a few sneaky short ones in in the mornings.

Tonight’s run was really nice. A gentle 10.00mm pace with Heidi. Allens Croft wasn’t too bad at all and I got round without any worrying niggles.

Screenshot 2019-04-02 at 22.16.03

A visit to the physio tomorrow; it was a surprise acupuncture session last week. I wonder what he has in store for me next?



One thought on “Day 113: Tuesday club run

  1. A great decision, it’s all in your legs now and the most important thing is rest (I was meant to have the week off before my first one but the Olympics was all on at a funny time so I worked quite a lot AND stayed up late and went into the race a bit tired. Had a good rest after and was really ready to go the next weekend. I’d not advise that). And hope all goes well with Phil the Physio today.


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