Days 114-116

Ooops! I’ve missed a couple of days, probably due to the fact that I’ve not run since Tuesday.

Wednesday morning it was back to the physio, who treated me to/with some more acupuncture. Both hips this time as I’d had a little niggle on the Tuesday run. This plus some massaging and instructions to stretch and continue with the pigeon pose, crab and monster walks. For the latter two I’ve bought myself a resistance band. He’s told me to activate those glutes before the run so it should come in handy.


Having said that, I don’t seem to be able to activate the actual butt muscles, just the ones on the side whatever they are. Too much sitting around on a laptop, no doubt. Last night I woke up with cramp in my calf and I can still feel it a bit today. This is a new niggle and I’ll be icing it, stretching it and anything else Google recommends before Sunday.

No Thursday run, which considering the weather was probably just as well.

So, two days to go! I’m off to Manchester tomorrow morning so this will probably be the last post until after the run.  I’ve felt so excited about this challenge for weeks – I really am looking forward to this. Not that I’ll need a pep talk but I might pop along to the Manchester Eve Meet Up in the evening to get the adrenalin flowing.

Looking forward to my next post, which will hopefully be full of post Marathon exuberance!

5 thoughts on “Days 114-116

    1. Thanks David. So pleased I’ll have you and Gret to look out for when I approach Altrincham. Make sure you shout loudly so I don’t miss you! Anna will be at the finish line so I’m doubly blessed!


  1. So exciting and I’ll be thinking of you. Soak it all up and make sure you enjoy yourself. Oh, and the calf thing is typical, we always get weird niggles just before a mara. I woke up on the morning of my first one with aching ankles, never having had a single ankle problem before.

    Oh, and crab walks! Argh! I find them so embarrassing for some reason!


  2. Thanks for all your support Liz. You’ve been amazing. Crab walks are OK in the privacy of your own home. But Phil suggested I do them before the marathon …. in public? No way!

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